Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Pomegranate

Treat Erectile Dysfunction With Pomegranate

Erectile Dysfunction is a common symptom affecting around one in ten men. It is characterised as the inability to sustain a prolonged erection during sexual stimulation. There symptoms can vary from mild to severe, and the characteristics of the condition will be determined based on the severity of the condition, and in the severest of cases will result in total inability to get an erection.

If a mild form of less frequent, shorter lasting, and limper erections becomes apparent, it is best to treat it as quick as possible, or at least take steps to try and alleviate the symptoms before they get worse, as it will always start of mild before progressing to a more severe form. The condition is progressive, so is best dealt with in the early stages. This might involve having to make some lifestyle changes, such as diet, and smoking, as cigarette smoke is a major cause, and just giving up can have a dramatic improvement.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The symptoms of ED have several underlying causes: It may be due to high blood pressure, diabetes, nerve damage, endocrine (hormonal production) imbalance or even depression. Ultimately, it is down to poor artery dilation and sluggish flow of blood to the penis.

The arterial hardening that often occurs with age, is why erectile dysfunction is more common as you grow older, and the build up of plaque and subsequent arterial hardening causes this sluggish blood flow, the same reason for poor circulation and heart health.

Obese people also suffer these symptoms more because of their high cholesterol diet that leads to faster build up of arterial plaque, so changing their diet can also make a dramatic improvement. Foods that are high in antioxidants like fruit and vegetables can kill off free radicals the main culprit of build up of arterial plaque, so can slow down the onset of developing the symptoms.

Recent research carried out at University of California finds drinking pomegranate juice daily will be beneficial for men with erectile difficulties. In the first clinical study of its kind, of the test subjects drinking 8oz glass of pure pomegranate juice daily, forty seven percent reported an improvement in erection hardness, which was significant.

This is believed to be due to the high concentration of antioxidants (more than green tea) present in the fruit, which combats free radicals in the body and promotes healthier circulation and blood flow. Regular consumption of pomegranate prevents the build up of arterial plaque, resulting in healthier blood flow and vessel dilation, which is essential in promoting harder erection due to the significant volume of blood required.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

In addition to improved circulation, the pomegranate possesses numerous additional health benefits too. The active chemicals: polyphenols, tannins and anthocyanins of the pomegranate naturally lowers blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It benefits sufferers of arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. And most notably its valued for its anti-carcinogenic (anti-cancer) causing properties and very efficient at killing prostate cancer cells.

For those wanting to utilize the many health benefits pomegranates has to offer, but without the hassle of eating large quantities of the fruit should consider purchasing a pomegranate based supplement. Male Extra are the first to include Pomegranate in the formula of their pills. It is extracted in pure form of ellagic – an abundant type of antioxidant in the fruit – and super concentrated means you will need to drink 500 glasses of pomegranate juice per serving to get an equivalent effect.

If you have erection problems, you should consider this pill. It is all natural, the main component of the formula is pomegranate ellagic, but it also contains Tongkat Ali (natural tree extract Viagra used in South East Asia), and Muira Puima (the natural Viagra of the Amazon).

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